Quick update on our Market Status

BLOT - (Bottom Line on Top):

  • The much anticipated Buyers Market has strengthened since Spring Break, with sweet spots in The Woodlands being up to $700K with a pool and up to $500K without one. 
  •  Average Days on Market has decreased 10% from March levels - meaning that, while Buyers have several choices from which to decide, they are extremely qualified or are cash deals (yes, there are plenty of those). 
  • Outside of the seasonal upsize/downsize movement, buyers that we are seeing are expatriates (Canada and Europe topping the list), as well as doctors moving in to fill spots in (or shorten the commute to) "Medical Center North."
  • For our Sellers, our team has been successful in key spots/locations. In the last couple of weeks, we have received 99%+ of asking price for listings within 30 days in Alden Bridge.