Save on your Property Taxes Today - A Refresher on the Homestead Exemption

Save on your Property Taxes Today - A Refresher on the Homestead Exemption

One of the most common tax benefits of home ownership (outside of mortgage interest) is the Homestead Exemption for your primary residence. Surprisingly, it is often ignored and/or misunderstood by homeowners. Simply put, the Homestead Exemption reduces the taxable value of your home, resulting in a lower property tax bill.

Moving 102 - Protecting your Hardwood Floors


As the moving season enters into full swing, our friends at Square Cow Movers have graciously provided the following tips to take care of of one of the components of a home that ranks high in "wow" factor - your hardwood floors. They can be reached at (281) 419-8282. 


Easy, Effective Ways to Protect Original Hardwood Floors

When you purchase a home it usually comes with a laundry list of to dos after everything has been unpacked. If you move to The Woodlands or any other upscale neighborhood in Texas there’s a good chance hardwood floors will be in the home. For most homeowners, protecting those floors is a top priority.

Use Rugs in High Traffic Areas

The front entry, hallways, staircases and other high traffic areas will experience wear and tear the quickest. One simple way to minimize wear is with strategically placed rugs.

 Put Pads on the Bottom of Furniture

Protective pads can be put on the bottom of chair and couch legs to protect from future damage. There are three main types of pads: self-adhesive, nail-on and slip-on pads.

Use Doormats at All Entries

Dirt and grim on the bottom of shoes can grind its way into hardwood floors. Good doormats at every entry can help minimize this problem. Mats made of coco brush are among the best at cleaning shoe bottoms.

Clean Regularly With the Right Products

Regular cleanings will also help keep dirt off the floors before it can get ground into the surface. However, some cleaning products can end up doing more harm than good in the long run. Steer clear of cleaning products with ingredients that build up like oils, wax, ammonia, polish and vinegar. These types of ingredients should be used sparingly when you want to add a bit more shine to the floors.

Use a Dehumidifier to Control Moisture

Moisture can quickly compromise most hardwood floors. All spills and flooding should be cleaned up immediately, but humidity can also be a problem in certain areas. Using a dehumidifier during the warm months will keep the humidity at a normal level.

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Reviewing and Protesting your Property's Assessed Value

Reviewing and Protesting your Property's Assessed Value

Reality is that nobody likes taxes. Let's face it - if you moved from out of town into our Lone Star State, chances are that you had sticker-shock when you saw the property tax rates. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your property taxes in check - and keep some of this money in your pocket.