Ironman Texas is here

The annual Swim/Bike/Run ritual is here: the Ironman Texas North American Championship is back, bringing about 3000 athletes and a substantial revenue stream to The Woodlands area. And then there’s the traffic that comes with the bike and run courses.

The bike course is generally the same as it has been the last few years, running through Grogans Mil, Springwood Village and the Hardy Toll road, limiting the traffic impact and providing enough alternate routes for through traffic.

The run course is closer to home, in The Woodlands area, looping around Lake Woodlands three times before the grand finale on the Waterway bridge. This is the most fun part of the race, both from a participant and a spectator. The energy is an overload to the senses, and athletes will sure be encouraged by the support and cheers from the crowds that literally descend upon to the course to spectate.

A big thank you to planner Jeff Martin, marshall Tim Floyd, and all of the volunteers that year after year make this event one of the best in the world, and the very best of luck to the friends of the team, including pros Joe Skipper, Balasz Czoke, and defending champion Matt Hanson. We’ll be out there cheering for all.